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Application Number Registration Number Surname Firsrname Othernames Faculty Department Course Specialisation Gsm Number
831384952 P17EGCV8001 CLIFFORD MIVANYI Engineering Civil Engineering M.Sc Civil Eng. (Full-Time) TRANSPORTATION AND HIGHWAY. 2348032252
831384955 P17EDVE8015 AGADA MICHAEL OGWUCHE Education Vocational and Technical Education M.Ed Business Education (Full-Time) 8035332786
831384962 P17EGCM8001 OROKPO JAMES AUDU Engineering Communication Engineering M.Sc Telecom. Engineering (Full-Time) 8160386393
831384963 P17LAPU8001 IMAM MOHAMMED ASUEKOME Law Public Law LLM Public Law (Full-time) HUMAN RIGHTS LAW 8033604922
831384968 P17EVBD8001 JOSEPH Paul David, Francis Environmental Design Building M.Sc Contr. Tech. (Full-time) Structural analysis and design, foundation and concrete technology 8036307563
831384978 P17EDPE8029 SHACHIA Terfa Timothy Education Physical and Health Education M.Sc Exercise and Sports Sciences (Full-Time) Clinical Physiotherapy 7062206606
831384984 P17SSPS9003 ONUMAJURU Emeka Victor Social Sciences Political Science Ph.D Political Science (With Specializations) 8172017755
831384988 P17EVAT8004 KADUMA Lot Akut Environmental Design Architecture M.Sc Architecture Sustainability in Architecture, Green Buildings, Sustainable Developme 8065768607
831384989 P17EGCM8003 AHMAD Yahaya Engineering Communication Engineering M.Sc Telecom. Engineering (Full-Time) Telecommunication Engineering 8036757108
831384993 P17AGAG7021 SIMON Dugba Tot Agriculture Agronomy PGD Agronomy 8086612165
831384994 P17ADAC8079 OLOWU OLUSEGUN AMOS Administration Accounting Masters in Accounting (Part-Time) FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 8036477237
831385000 P17EDPE9001 AHMED Murtala Education Physical and Health Education Ph.D Health Education (Full-Time) Health Education 8062245921
831385003 P17EGEE7001 ETUWEWE Oritsetsegbemi Patrick Engineering Electrical Engineering PGD Electrical Engineering (Full-time) 8091569676
831385007 P17SSPS8022 SANI Zaharaddeen Muhammad Social Sciences Political Science M.Sc Political Science (Int'l Relation) 7062414841
831385009 P17SSMM8002 AWODI Sheidu Social Sciences Mass Communication M.Sc Mass Communication (Full-time) 8059138971
831385017 P17PSCH7014 MATI YAKUBU Physical Sciences Chemistry PGD Environmental Chemistry (Part-time) OIL AND GAS 8037610700
831385019 P17MDHA8040 AYANKOYA Oluwaseyifunmi Isaiah Medicine Human Anatomy M.Sc Human Anatomy (Full-time) Reproductive anatomy 7030708449
831385020 P17EGCM8004 SAIDU SAHAL MALUMFASHI Engineering Communication Engineering M.Sc Telecom. Engineering (Full-Time) TELECOMMUNICATIO. 8035303350
831385026 P17ADPA8068 MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHI Administration Public Administration Masters in Public Administration (Part-Time) 8033011201
831385028 P17SSMM9001 ABDULALEEMOLAGUNJU mujeedah temitope Social Sciences Mass Communication Ph.D Mass Communication (Full-time) 9090157037